EEG-fMRI analysis of mu rhythm modulation during control of a brain-computer interface

  • Charles S. DaSalla (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Department of Functional Brain Research)
  • Kazumi Kasahara
  • Manabu Honda
  • Takashi Hanakawa

Though widely employed in brain-computer interfaces (BCI), the EEG mu rhythm and its neural correlates are not well understood. To increase our knowledge, we performed simultaneous EEG-fMRI during control of a mu-based BCI. 23 healthy subjects underwent fMRI while controlling a BCI with left and right hand motor imagery. Mu-related neural activity was observed by applying the mu power signals as regressors in fMRI analysis. Bihemispheric mu band power was found to be inversely correlated with activity in the ventral premotor cortex, supplementary motor area, and pars opercularis. We hope these findings will lead to improved BCIs, tailored to the specific neuromechanisms behind their control.

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